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   If you are looking for new ideas for decorating window-shading it is worth paying attention to New System Blinds company. Everyone, even the most demanding clients, will find something for their window. We offer traditional, modern, avant-garde and exclusive blinds and decorations. We also provide clients with perfect fit blinds as well as bespoke blinds in Nottingham and its surroundings in Nottinghamshire: Ruddington, Long Eaton, Ilkeston, Bingham, Hucknall, Lowdham, Derby and the likes. On our stock you will also find: roller blinds (mini, standard, in casette), Venetian blinds (useful for fitting on a folding doors), pleated blinds (very practical - they can be folded up and down), industrial blinds (non-standard & made to measure) - all in different sizes depending on your needs.




All our products are made to measure. Taking advantage of our 20-years experience on the European market, we pay attention to high quality and reliability of our products. We will help you match the blinds to perfectly fit your window. Our blinds can be used on all types of windows including shaped windows on the roofs or conservatories.

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Phone: 07922273892

New System Blinds provide the clients with highest quality perfect fit and bespoke blinds for schools, houses, hospitals, colleges, councils, universities and many other places. Most often we deliver our blinds to clients in Nottingham, but also in Derby and other locations in Nottinghamshire: Ruddington, Hucknall, Ilkeston, Long Eaton, Lowdham, Bingham, etc.

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