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Industrial blinds Nottingham / Derby / Riddington

We are pleased to introduce New System Blinds, the latest technology for Blind solutions.

We specialise in non-standard blind solutions including blackout blinds giving up to 100% light reduction for all types of rooms and all types of door and window applications, including skylights.

Our experience shows that many rooms require blackout solutions:

  • Education: In computer rooms and science labs for example, the rightness of natural daylight is a common problem with the result that students are not able to undertake exercises accurately.
  • Offices: Training and seminar rooms can be made more effective for presentations when extraneous daylight is controlled by blackout blinds

All our blinds are made to measure and fully guaranteed. With a wide range of styles and fabrics to choose from we can tailor an installation to your exact requirements.

We are very flexible and strive to carry out our installations with the minimum of disruption to our clients. Evening and weekend installations can be arranged to meet your requirements.

Our Saturn blinds are provided with an aluminium top-box.

This kind of blinds can be used as a normal rollers:

Roller SATURN 

  or roller SATURN 2
with aluminium side guides as  100% black-out blinds, example:




Also we can offer other non-standard blinds eg. special for pivot windows or external blinds. We provide our products most commonly within Nottingham and its surroundings, but we also supply clients within the entire Nottinghamshire: Ilkeston, Lowdham, Derby, Riddington, Long Eaton and the likes.


External Venetian blinds:


New System Blinds provide the clients with highest quality perfect fit and bespoke blinds for schools, houses, hospitals, colleges, councils, universities and many other places. Most often we deliver our blinds to clients in Nottingham, but also in Derby and other locations in Nottinghamshire: Ruddington, Hucknall, Ilkeston, Long Eaton, Lowdham, Bingham, etc.

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